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We’re excited to be launching the first three episodes of our new podcast, Hard Data: From Evidence to Action, this week.

Presented by NVPN and the American College of Preventive Medicine, Hard Data takes an in-depth look at how data and information influence and inform good public policy, especially in the healthcare space.

Hard Data features interviews with leading experts in healthcare, data, and public policy as they highlight the ways data-driven policy is making a positive impact on the health of communities across the United States.

The first episodes of the Hard Data podcast include:

Data Driving Healthcare

A look at why data is important in the first place for public policy, and why the federal government should prioritize funding for data collection programs that improve health outcomes and prevent death across the population. Tom Leary, Vice President of Government Relations at the Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society, explains how health IT has become the foundation of healthcare policymaking around the world.

The National Violent Death Reporting System

An in-depth look at how the CDC’s National Violent Death Reporting System was founded and the important role it plays in helping policymakers, advocates, and healthcare workers prevent violent deaths, including homicides and suicides. Cathy Barber, Senior Researcher at the Harvard School of Public Health Injury Research Center, shares her role in the program’s beginnings and her research using the data.

Suicide Prevention

Suicide prevention is one of the major public health challenges the U.S. faces today, but effective policy is impossible without understanding the problem and all the factors that affect the crisis. Jonathan Singer, Ph.D., President of the American Association of Suicidology, shares his perspective on how healthcare data can augment the ability of frontline caregivers and healthcare professionals, in addition to informing good policy.

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