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Virginia began participating in the National Violent Death Reporting System in 2003.

Virginia Department of Health

Virginia NVDRS Factsheet updated

The Geography of Violent Death in Virginia: A Report from the Virginia Violent Death Reporting System, 2003-2008

Homicide Across the Life Course

Homelessness and Violent Death

Violent Death in the Workplace

Substance Use and Violence: Clues from Homicide Victims in Virginia: 2003-2006

Unintentional Firearms Death in Virginia - 2003-2006

Women and Suicide in Virginia

Suicide and Placement for Nursing Home or Hospice Care in Virginia

Elder Suicide in Virginia, 2003-2010

Military-Related Suicide in Virginia, 2003-2010

Physical Health Problems and Suicide in Virginia: 2007-2010

Suicide Trends in Virginia: 2003-2010

Suicide Among College Students in Virginia 2003-2008

Suicide and Criminal Legal Problems in Virginia 2007-2008

Suicides of Children in Virginia 2003- 2006

Suicide Methods in Virginia: Patters by Race, Gender, Age and Birthplace 2003-2008

Poison Related Attempted and Completed Suicides in Virginia: 2003-2006

Press release for April 2008 CDC NVDRS data report-Virginia


Who is Participating?

NVDRS-funded states
NVDRS-approved, but not funded
States without NVDRS coverage