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New Jersey

New Jersey began participating in the National Violent Death Reporting System in 2003.


New Jersey Department of Health

New Jersey NVDRS Factsheet

The New Jersey Violent Death Reporting System: Linking Data to Save Lives

Preventing Injury in New Jersey: Priorities for Action

Violent Deaths in New Jersey: 2003-2005

Suicide and Firearm Ownership in New Jersey 2003-2005

Suicide: Results from the New Jersey Violent Death Reporting System

Selected circumstances of violent death in New Jersey, 2003-2004

Adolescent Suicide in New Jersey

New Jersey Suicide Facts, 2003-2004

New Jersey Homicide Facts, 2003-2004

Youth Suicide - What can we learn from NJVDRS

NVDRS data informs the New Jersey Governor's Council initiative "A Community Effort"

Press release for April 2008 CDC NVDRS data report-New Jersey


Who is Participating?

NVDRS-funded states
NVDRS-approved, but not funded
States without NVDRS coverage