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Colorado began participating in the National Violent Death Reporting System in 2004.

Colorado Department of Public Health and the Environment

Colorado NVDRS Factsheet

Homicides in Colorado - 2004-2014  added

Regional Violent Death Reports from 21 districts - Click on this page scroll, down to the “Colorado Violent Death Reporting System” drop down, and then click on the “Regional Reports” tab. This contains a map of Colorado, click on the region of interest and the appropriate violent death report will download/open. 

Injury in Colorado - 2013 Overview

Firearms death in Colorado: 2005-2012

Suicide in Colorado, 2007-2011: A Summary from the Colorado Violent Death Reporting System

Press release for April 2008 CDC NVDRS data report-Colorado


Who is Participating?

NVDRS-funded states
NVDRS-approved, but not funded
States without NVDRS coverage